Workwear, Street Furniture & Waste Management Specialist

About Safety Solutions NI

Established in 1998 Safety Solutions has become one of a kind business, selling products such as:

  • Waste management
  • Street furniture
  • Complete range of corporate & workwear clothing
  • Safety equipment
  • Skipper barriers
  • Winter products
  • Bespoke Workwear

We have grown to a market leading company in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

We provide many other products such as winter products as early as august so that our clients can be ready for the ever unpredictable Northern Irish weather. We endeavoured to keep all major arteries across the country open and free flowing.  

Safety Solutions willingness to help keep councils, shopping centres, schools, leisure centres open can provide everything needed to be safe on the roads, footpaths, forecourts and homes such as salt bins, salt, snow shovels, gritters, towable gritters, ice melt, warning signs and also we can provide suitable winter clothing.


To aid council and support clients and grow relationships with our customers old and new we are able to provide household wheelie bins which can be easily collected at our store or can be delivered in our own van at your convenience.


To the future, Safety NI look forward to new up and coming products which will include, smiley face recycle bins, the new smart-e litter bins in various styles, square heritage bin because round ones just don’t provide enough litter space, slick, new and stylish bollards, interesting recycle stations, among many more, trendy and new products from Safety NI you would be mad to miss.